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Tour of Nebraska

Tour of Nebraska Wrestling Series

Brought to you by NEUSAW

Final Tour Points and Winners 

Tour of Nebraska place winners. Our Tour points are updated and posted for viewing after each Tour weekend.  Please look and ensure your wrestler got the points they deserve.  You can contact us with questions.

Tour of Nebraska Description

There will be a series of Tournaments across the State in which wrestlers can compete and score points based on placement.  Each tournament may be worth different points depending on format of brackets.  Please see Tournament information and points sheet on our website.


There will be a Girls award and Boys awards this year.  All Girls must wrestle in the Girls division only.

Wrestlers should try and compete at as many tournaments as they can to earn points based on their placement.

Points will be tallied at the end of the of the last Tour Tournament. The awards will be given out at the beginning of the NEUSAW State tournament in Grand Island.  There will be 4 awards given per Grade division based on total points earned from competing in the tournaments listed in the series.  The top award will be a large plaque in the shape of Nebraska with all of the Tour of Nebraska Tournaments listed.  The other 3 awards will be smaller but similar. There will be pictures of the awards posted on the website.

Tie breaking criteria for the Tour are as follows:

1)     Head to Head matchup at a Tour Tournament

2)      Most Tour Tournaments attended

3)      Largest average bracket size of attended Tour Tournaments

4)      The most pins

5)      The most Technical Falls

6)      The most Major Decisions

7)      The most overall wins-including pins, Forfeits, Injury defaults, Tech Fall, MD and Decisions.  This does not include “Byes”.

Rules of Engagement

Basically each wrestler competes at the tournaments in their Gender and grade divisions and scores points based on their placement, but are competing against all others in their grade division for the Tour of Nebraska Awards.  The Grade divisions are as follows: Pre-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th  and 7th-8th.  There are 5 grade divisions competing.  A wrestler may only compete in their grade division in which they are currently enrolled in school. 

Each tournament will be set up with the following criteria:

1) All series tournaments will be run on TrackWrestling.

2) A true second must be set up in the program.

3) All tournaments will set up an individual points system that will correlate with the amount of points to be awarded by placement for series.

4) All series tournaments will be at least 8 man brackets, some tournaments will be open brackets.  The minimum 8 man bracket may be waved in extreme cases in upper and lower weight tiers of grade divisions.  Use best judgement to ensure the safety of the wrestlers is not compromised.
5)  The style of wrestling will be folk style only.
6) No wrestler will be allowed to wrestle more than one weight class or division at any of the series tournaments.  Wrestlers must compete in their Gender divisions - Girls and Boys
7) If any of the series tournaments also offers a “novice” division that division will not count towards the Tour of Nebraska points.

8) All Tour tournaments are sanctioned by NEUSAW and all competitors must have a USA wrestling athlete membership to sign up for the events.

9) All coaches that want to be matside must have a current USA coaches card.

10) All officials will either need a USA Wrestling leader or Volunteer membership.  Clubs may use High School age officials as long as the wrestler has their athlete membership with USA Wrestling.  Tournaments should have Adult Officials in case there are questions during the tournament.  Only having young High School officials is not permitted.

If you have any questions you can email me at

Fred Franklin

NEUSAW State Chairman



See NEUSAW tournament calendar for event fliers.