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Folkstyle State FAQ

State Folkstyle FAQ


Q: How are skin conditions handled?

A: NEUSAW will follow the same policy as the NSAA in regards to communicable skin disorders. If you suspect your athlete has a skin condition, it is recommended that the athlete get checked by a physician and have the physician complete the NFHS medical release form in this link: NEUSAW will have a Certified Trainer on site that is well trained in communicable skin disorders. The medical release form will be helpful in determining if an athlete can compete. However, the onsite Certified Trainer has the authority to overrule any medical release forms.

Q: Is there a Girls only division?

A: Yes, they will weigh in Saturday, March 21st from 3pm-5pm or Sunday, March 22nd from 6am-7am and wrestle starting at 9am. The age divisions are as follows: K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th grade and High School. Weight classes will be grouped according to entries. This Girls division is open to girls ONLY from the state of Nebraska. Girls do NOT have to qualify for the girls division through districts in order to compete. If they want to double up and compete in the boys/open division too, they'll need to qualify for that division by placing in the top 4 at districts.


Q: Do I have to qualify for the USA State tournament?

A: Grades PreK-8 must qualify through your district tournament. PreK-K division must attend their district tournament but do not need to place. Grades 1-8 must place in the top 4 of their district tournament. See the district tournament web page for more information on the districts. The High School division is open and those grades do not have to qualify.


Q: What if I cannot attend my district tournament? Is there another way to qualify?

A: No, the clubs voted to eliminate all hardship waivers except one. The only waiver allowed is any wrestler that enters and weighs in for a district tournament but does not qualify to state may apply for a hardship waiver. The waiver will only be accepted if space allows at the state tournament. See the next question for more information.


Q: What if I attended a district tournament but did not place high enough to qualify?

A: You may apply for a hardship waiver and the fee will be waived. However, if your weight class is full (32 man brackets) you cannot get in. You will be notified if you are accepted after the registrations have been closed. See the bottom of this page for the hardship waiver.  Simply fill it out and email or mail it back to the tournament director.


Q: Can I wrestle a different weight class than I qualified for?

A: Maybe, in 4th grade and under you cannot move down a weight class. You can only move up if a spot is available. So if you do not make weight at the weight you qualified for and the weight class above is full you are out of luck and cannot get a refund. In grades 5 through 8 you must make weight in the weight class that you qualified in. If you do not make weight you will be scratched and cannot get a refund.


Q: Can I wrestle in more than one grade division or weight class?

A: No, you can only wrestle in one grade division and one weight class. Wrestlers may only wrestle in the grade that they currently are in.


Q: How do I register?

A: Online only. We do not accept mail-ins, emails, or phone in registrations. This reduces the potential for errors or registrations getting lost. For more information visit our State Tournament page at:


Q: Is a USA card required and where can I get one?

A: Yes, a USA card is required. The USA cards may be purchased online at:


Q: How do I register as a team?

A: The same way by entering each individual online. You can pay each individually or send in one check for the entire team. Email the tournament director for specific payment instructions.


Q: Can we pay as a team?

A: Yes, however you will not be able to weigh in until you are paid for. Teams should prepay or make sure your coach comes early. Even with team pay, a wrestler may not weigh in until they are paid for.


Q: What rules will be followed?

A: National Federation High School Rules with modifications.

     45 minute rest between matches not in effect.

****8th grade and under participants are ENCOURAGED to wear a headgear. Optional for the High School division.

PreK-4th grade divisions are 60 second periods for all 3 periods on both the championship and consolation side.

5th-8th grade is 1st period- 60 seconds, 2nd period- 90 seconds and 3rd period- 90 seconds on the championship side,  and 60 seconds per period on the consolation side.


Q: Do coaches pay for admission?

A: Coaches get into the building for free ONLY if they have a current USA coaches card. Coach’s cards can be purchased online at: Important note: USA coach’s cards require a background check so please allow a minimum 2 weeks before receiving your card. If you applied for the card but have not received it you will still need to pay for admission. Admissions only get you into the building, if you want on the floor you must purchase a floor pass.


Q: How much does a coach’s floor pass cost?

A: Free for coaches with Copper certification or higher. $10.00 for USA coaches card members that are not Copper certified. 

******If you do not have a USA coaches card, you cannot be on the floor.


Q: How do I get Copper or Bronze certified?

A: You can get Copper certified online at:

You can get Bronze certified online at:

Q: Do High School coaches have to pay for a floor pass?

A: Yes, if you are coaching on the floor Saturday. If you are only coaching your high school team on Sunday your team receives the following number of passes:

3 or more wrestlers you get 1 free floor pass.

5 or more wrestlers you get 2 free floor passes.

10 or more wrestlers you get 3 free floor passes.


Q: Where is the event located?

A: The Heartland Events Center

     700 East Stolley Park Rd.
     Grand Island, NE 68801

Directions from I-80:  Exit I-80 at Grand Island Exit 314; proceed North on Locust Street to the third stoplight (6 miles); Turn Right on Stolley Park Road, two blocks East

Q: What are the future state tournament dates?

A: March 20-22, 2020

Q:  I have a question not answered on this page or the tournament page (  How do I get my question answered?

A:  Please email us at